Riddle Weekly 2021.03

Riddle Weekly 2021.03

To those who are new to the wild and ridiculous world of Riddle, welcome!

Every Friday, we hail the coming week-end with a comic, a thought-piece, and a little puzzle to ponder over the next few days. Sometimes these puzzles are simple and charming. Other times, they are mathematical and charming (we are math folks here.) If we can manage to find one, a solution to each week's riddle will be posted in the following installment of the Riddle Weekly

The Riddle: Prove that there is an integer $n$ such that the first two digits after the decimal place of $\pi n$ are both zero.

We should note that these riddles usually aren't original. No one is really sure where they come from. Like the best questions, they're just there.

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The Riddle Team