"This is all very nice," the imagined reader of our site might say. "But who's behind it? What's with these names? Professor Wug? Chester Snuphanuph, PhD? These can't be real people! Is something shady goin' on here?"

Far from it. Riddle Press is the project of a handful of folks with, as one post put it, "an incurable tendency towards philosophy." This is our writing playground – part laboratory, part mooring space for "big floaty ideas," part compendium of riddles and jokes from our strange and marvelous world.

One troublesome feature of this mooring space is that it frequently plays host to discordant and self-contradicting perspectives. The big, floaty ideas that grace our pages are anything but permanent and peaceful tenants: they spar with each other, jousting for supremacy, and sometimes just vanish in the wind.

If, as an author, you identify with the ideas that spring out of your pen, you start behaving like an overly-protective parent. You shelter your ideas from the real world, where they might encounter opposing viewpoints. You cling to them even as the evidence against them mounts. This is why so many of the posts at Riddle feature (oftentimes ridiculous) pen names: should they prove to be wrong, we can join in the chorus disowning them. Ha! That Chester Snuphanuph was wrong again!

But here are the bloggers behind the curtain:

  • Kincaid MacDonald - blogger in chief: draws cartoons, writes philosophy and cello concertos, studies the mathematics of machine learning at Yale. You can find him at kincaid.ink.
  • Josey MacDonald - humorist and editor in chief: after a brief stint studying giant rhinoceros beetles, Josey widened her perspective to all of life. She now studies biology at Carleton College.